Griffin' s Grub

     Dessert is something we haven’t tackled much on the Big Green Egg. Not because we are intimidated, but because Mrs. G doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and I know I shouldn’t bake a whole cake or pie for myself. Pineapple upside down cake is one of my favorites and ever since I saw the recipe for this one, I knew that someday I would try my hand at it. Yesterday was that day. Mrs. G had to work and I had no plans and nothing to do all day. I’d like to thank Colleen (Lake Conroe Egger’s wife on the Egg Forums) for sharing this recipe. The recipe has been modified a bit from her original recipe.

     I know what you are probably thinking. You’re going to bake a cake on the Egg? Why? To answer your question…why not? I’ve said it before, if you can…

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Asturian Diary

The photo I posted on Sunday prompted a flurry of cloud-related comments. The hypothesis was proposed, seconded and swiftly carried that Spanish skies are far more interesting than their English counterparts.

A quick glance out my window does nothing to dispel this notion. Right now, the sun is setting off to the west and the sky is stained a cinematic blood-red. In the early mornings we are often privy to a cloud inversion. To be above the clouds whilst still earth-bound is a heady sensation.

Even on more muted days, when atmospheric conditions conform to the norm, it seems the sky here cannot fully suppress its epic tendencies. Cloud formations sweep in from the sea and crash against the foothills of the mountains where they experiment with form and texture in the manner of a particularly daring avant-garde artist.

I love walking under large skies. I love watching ever-changing horizons…

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School can be one of the most horrible places you can be in your life and can sometimes be a happy place but today i’ll focus on the negatives. School can be very mondane with its grey walls, crappy weather and continuous routine of classes that seem boring. School can be an even worse place for individuals who get bullied in schools as you feel that your in a trapped environment where it seems no one is doing anything, but a better deigned school can be very much important to making school a move friendly place and no longer boring and mondane. The introduction of such scheme in the united kingdom like the Bsf (Building Schools for the Future) Act there has been innovation once again, innovation plays a vital part in education if a collective of students don’t have inspiration, comfort and innovation they can find it hard to…

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Tiny House Ontario

Today has pretty much consisted of sweating, whining about the heat, playing a little Skip-O, but we relented and finally got off our chairs for a few minutes.

We put up a bit of fence for the pole beans to climb.  Not too much work.  We used about 5 feet of left over fence, two barely used boards, c-fencing nails and six screws to attach them to the base of the raised bed.  Took about ten minutes but made us sweat like hell.

I hope the beans don’t think that it is too hot to climb.

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